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New Models Wanted

Pro Models and Talent is currently scouting for new models in Colorado, Arizona and Nevada to participate in projects over the next few months.

No experience required, good pay and lots of fun! We are a studio partnership featuring 3 photographers and videographers working together to locate brand new glamour style models. To make our imagery standout from the rest we need models that are not yet working with every other photographer in town.

This is not a modeling school. We do not produce portfolios, TFP, TFCD or any other sort of amateur work. Persons that pose here are always paid for their time and talent. All of our productions are for a commercial purpose, such as shooting photo and video imagery that will be used in some sort of publication, including websites, magazines and Blu-Rays. Each project is different.

No Experience Required

We can coach girls as long as they have a good attitude, are fun to work with, have nice facial features and smiles and have a great body that looks awesome in a tiny bikini or lingerie!

We only work with females that do not have tattoos or fake breasts. Most of the projects, shoots, outfits or productions call for the models to have a very fresh and tone appearance.

A slim, trim and tight body style is best for our shoots. We prefer models that do not have major scars or stretch marks from accidents, surgery, sports or childbirth.

Model Here - Get Paid!

All photographers sharing this website are professionals and pay new models for their time and talent. The pay rate depends on what style of project they are producing, but the normal range is from $75.00 to $200 per hour. No experience is required.

We do primarily bikini, lingerie and glamour style work and are scouting for new girls that look awesome in that style of outfit.

Apply Now

If you're an attractive young lady that looks great in a bikini please submit your information and recent photos below. The photos should be recent and clearly show your face, hair and shape.

We have openings for new models almost every month. If your information and photos fit a project one of the photographers is planning he'll contact you by email to discuss the project further.


Please carefully complete the form below and upload your photos. Recent bikini selfies are best. If you can't use the form to submit photos, or have questions first, please send them by email to: [email protected]

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